Piggy cuddles

Another day of not going anywhere near our new house! It's just the way the cookie crumbles. Daughter's been laid up nearly all day with a combo of rheumatoid arthritis pain and symptoms of a low blood count as she enters her third trimester. So, it's been a tiring day grannying though LMB mainly entertained herself. This afternoon her uncle, auntie and cousin came round to play with her, which was nice. (Her dad's away for four days.) Mr PP did a food shop.

Experienced excellent customer service from the German mattress firm Emma. After six months in storage, our beloved mattress was delivered totally misshapen. We left it some days in the hope it would settle but, when it didn't, we emailed the company, sending photos as requested. Their responses were instant and, on the photographic and descriptive evidence, they're replacing it with a brand new mattress. How good is that?!! I'd already recommended Emma mattresses to anyone who wanted to know, but this adds to my appreciation. It is the comfiest mattress we've ever had.

Another really hot day, too! I gather there's now a hosepipe ban!

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