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By curns


At lunchtime today I went out to my usual supermarket but I has much less of a plan than I normally do. I was really buying picnic foods for later today and, as a result, I thought I’d just turn up and pick-up a few things. I did add some of our regular shopping items in my basket but, without the usual list, I overspent and overbought. The picnic things were all lovely except for the scotch eggs. I gone to the deli counter to get some supposedly nice ones: they were black pudding scotch eggs.  In the end though, they were a bit dry and the egg was not well packed. I should have stuck with the cheaper ones from the shelves.

We were queuing at the Kew Garden gates by 1650. Gradually the queue moved: first into the gardens and then into the area where the concert was set-up.  Given we had arrived quite early we had a great view and a lovely afternoon listening to legendary vocalist Gabrielle and X-Factor alumni Rebecca Ferguson.

Just after 9pm, however, the main event started when Bananarama came on stage. The picnic setting at Kew was lovely and the audience was the right one for the event and for almost 90 minutes Bananarama performed all the big hits with a crowd that was truly into the music. 

Just before Bananarama started performing, PY inflated some blow-up bananas. I thought lots of people would have them. They didn’t. I was a bit sheepish waving them around. And then other people started enjoying them and having their photos with them. And it was even more joyous. And I ran towards the stage and waved them some more.

I don’t know what but I feel like I bounced for the entire evening. And it was magical.

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