curns' corner

By curns


It’s been a lovely warm day. I only noticed as I was chatting in some meetings this afternoon that I was warm.  The BBC says, UK heatwave: Heat-health alert issued as temperatures set to climb  - so I think we are on for a good weekend.

Because of the way my meetings fell, I didn’t really eat lunch until after 4pm. I noticed how warm it was and sat outside. Without any meetings for the remainder of the day I grabbed my laptop and worked outside for the last hour or so. It was lovely. 

Our plans to see the film, Elvis, we cancelled tonight but PY finished around 6pm anyway and we sat in the garden with a glass of wine. We ordered sushi from Sticks and Sushi and ate it in the evening warmth. Afterwards we walked to Tesco at Wimbledon Chase and bought an ice cream. When we got home we wanted to test the projector we bought at the start of the lockdowns in 2020 and have never used. It sort-of worked OK. It’s probably not best used connected to a phone. Hopefully it will be sufficient for the video show at Dad’s party next weekend. 

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