curns' corner

By curns


I did pick up the car. Although I do no rent that often I do always rent from the same place as it’s the only one in walking distance of the house. But Enterprise are quite good. I think I must have rented enough that my details are all on file. It’s quite seamless now. I was shown the Renault Clio which seemed easy enough to drive and was parked outside the house by 4pm.  

After we both fished work we took some time to pack but were on the road just about 7pm. About 9pm we stopped at Warwick North services for a coffee and that’s where we both realised it might be colder in the evenings that we has imagined: neither of us brought a second layer. Hopefully, it will be OK for the weekend.

Once again, the car came with Apple CarPlay which was easy to configure. That means I have decent driving directions from Apple Maps and my music.  The Clio did come with in-built Sat Nav - which is the first for any rental car that I have used - but I stuck with the one I am familiar with because, when you are used to the maps, it’s easier to understand them at a glance. Anything else would have risked being a distraction.

In Shrewsbury at around 10:30 but I was awake until the early hours because Jez and I were trying to find photographs of Mum and Dad to use in the video montage he was putting together. Quite fun to find them. 

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