A day in the life

By Shelling

Fields of gold

The farmers around me are having busy days. We still have a few more days of sun and all their crops need to get under roof before the rain comes. I don't know a lot about farming but what is harvested at the moment are the different cereals. From what I hear, the crops are really good this year, but what do I know, farmers are seldom openly satisfied. My blip-crop is still growing though, on the 31st of October, Halloween strikes again. It's one of our imported events, the cynics, like myself, says the merchandise needed extra income in the autumn before Christmas and brought in Halloween and Black Friday.

What you see is of course pumpkins. On my island, growing pumpkins is a really big thing. These are probably for decorative use, some compete to have the heaviest/largest pumpkin while others only use them for carving out faces and throws away the "meat". Pumpkin soup are served during Halloween too, a dish you can't get more than three days a year. The more decorative ones can be seen everywhere and they stay till they rot.
These fields grow pure gold.

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