Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

Unexplained business

Met the jay in the reserve this morning, which was a good thing as I met very little else apart from some white butterflies busily racing down the track ahead of me.  I agree it would have been nice if he'd turned his head towards the camera, but like the butterflies, he was on unexplained business and flew off instead.

Interestingly I didn't hear a single bird singing.  All off on their summer hols.  But I did notice the hawthorn berries are ripening, so I don't expect it will be long before the tits, at least, are feasting.

The afternoon was very quiet. A friend of K's has been staying but has gone home now - oh, and I've had a text reminder about my hospital appointment next Friday, which is great - not because I'd forgotten but it's good to know they haven't either ;))

If you'll forgive me, I'll be keeping my comments off until next weekend, by which time I should have begun my new meds and therefore able to thrash the keyboard a bit more happily!

Have a happy weekend  xx

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