Old Timber Pier: Golspie

There is a newer, functioning, concrete one just beside it but this old timber pier is lovely I think. In its derelict way. Thank you Marlieske for the challenge this and every week.

I like Golspie (extra for the beach). I like it for its intrinsic self as well as what it's come to represent for me. It is a great place to stop off when I'm en route for Orkney. Shetland in June/July and Orkney in August/September. Lucky me.

We left home not long after 09:00. We had a couple of stops along the way. The A9 was busy though most of the time it looked worse going south. We're staying in what used to be the Sutherland Arms and is now the Golspie Inn. Not sure why the name was changed. Flora got a rapturous welcome. It's right on the road so a bit noisy but otherwise it feels very comfortable.

I might be struggling to do much blipping for a couple of days while we make our way to our holiday cottage but I'll catch up when I can. For now it's a cup of tea then I think I'll indulge in another trip to the beach.

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