Frog on a Rope Has Had Enough of Civilization!

I saw a thing at Greenwood Furnace on this day that I have not seen before. I swam out to the rope along the edge of the swimming area and there was a FROG sitting on it, facing us! My husband couldn't believe it. He swam over for a look, and swam back laughing: "What a stalwart frog!" he said.

I tried not to get too close to the amphibian so that it would stay, and I could try to get a shot of it when I was done swimming. The frog seemed quite placid. To get to that rope, it must have swum at least 75 feet, possibly 150 or more! What a fine, strong frog! What did it want? A better view of the lake?

Of course, as I got out of the water, and ran for my camera, a little boy swam RIGHT OUT to the line, splashing all the way, screaming, "Mommy, Mommy! Look at me!" Just as I arrived back with my camera, the frog disappeared! "@&+!!@!" is what I said. Yes, I said a Bad Word!

I went into the bathhouse to shower and change clothes, and when I came back out, on a lark, I looked for the frog. Guess what: it was BACK on the rope! What an intrepid frog! I grabbed my camera and monopod and snagged a few pretty much impossible shots, zoomed all the way out. Hello, froggie!!!

It made me laugh to discover that the frog had turned around and was facing the opposite direction. When I posted the photos on Facebook, we agreed that the frog had had enough of civilization! Which I can understand comPLETEly! Some days, I think I have, too!!!  ;-)

So here is my song: Eddie Vedder, with Society.

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