Strong women

 Image: Inanna/Ishtar Mesopotamian Lady of Heaven
 Worship of this goddess goes back 6,000 years to southern Iraq. Regarded as the embodiment of sexual desire and an aggressive warrior, she was central to Sumerian civic life.

 First stop today was the British museum to see the current exhibition :Feminine power…the divine to the demonic
Interesting to see the number of older men taking a keen interest in this exhibition accompanied by their determined partners
Yes, it’s a powerful and very well curated exhibition and the Guardian have done a brilliant review of it .
It hints though that there might be more than a whiff of wishful thinking behind it.
After lunch on to Tate Britain to see the country leading contemporary artist Cornelia Parker’s excellent exhibition, then this  evening we had a Sicilian meal with our young niece and nephew both working in London. They brought us up to speed about working life in the great metropolis.

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