Tomb painting

Image: painting from Egyptian tomb 1,300BC, British Museum

The day began with an unexpectedly early start, 3 am to be exact. One hotel guest decided to have a smoke. It set off all the alarms and we were forced to get up. 
It was impossible  to get back to sleep. after that. So we had a quiet morning in the British Museum, always a pleasure despite the 20,000 daily visitors, before making our way  to Oxford.
An old college friend of M's is celebrating his Golden wedding anniversary on Saturday. More of that later.
After the luxury of our hotel in London, despite the fire alarm, it’s a rude awakening to be staying in student accommodation especially when we have to climb nearly 60 steps to reach our room on the third floor. 

There are no lifts. Now we know why its only £137 bed and breakfast per couple.

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