Marjorie's ramblings

By walkingMarj

Preparing for our guests

Mum will be 101 on Monday and we are expecting a few friends to call to see her over the weekend.

My plan for today was to bake this morning. Events transpired against me and I did not start until late afternoon.

Mum had a nosebleed this morning so her shower was delayed. The district nurse called to do her annual check (wish they would tell us, but never mind, she was lovely). Mum had breakfast at noon!

Bob came to see her this afternoon. He is beginning to recover from a nasty bout of Covid. We had a good chat.

Annette was here cleaning and generally helping me.

I had bills to pay that needed doing.

Finally I settled down and made the carrot cake. The recipe produces two good sized cakes so I have frozen one. The other has a mascarpone cheese icing on it. 

I also made macaroons and some biscuits called thumbnail biscuits. They will not be made again! Not a great result but edible. (No thumb nails were harmed in the making of the biscuits!)

One of the GPs came tonight to see Mum about a longstanding problem. She arrived when the biscuits were nearly ready, but not quite ready to come out of the oven. I had to run up and downstairs twice to see to them!

Not a great consultation but a test has been ordered. 

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