Arizona Dreamin’

By laurie54


I did my write up and somehow I deleted it. I wrote it in Notes, too, like I do every day. I can not remember what I said but I do remember it was witty, charming and delightful.

Did more than yesterday. Lunch and a trip to pick up my grocery order. (I described it much better the first time).

In other news…As I was standing up from having leaned on the counter writing a text, I banged my head on the corner of the microwave. Who put that there? Huh?

Now I have to find or remember all of the jokes I wrote…

Have you heard about the new restaurant called’Karma?’
There’s no menu; you get what you deserve.

How did the hippie burn his mouth?
He ate his pizza before it was cool.

I can’t believe that the highway department called my dad a thief.
But when I got home, I realized that all the signs were there.

Two guys walk into a bar. The third guy ducks.

My new thesaurus is terrible. Not only that, it’s terrible.

I hope everyone participates in the upcoming mono Monday. I’m hosting and the theme is HUMOR. The idea is to select a joke or pun and interpret it as a photo. Tag is MM450.
Plenty of inspiration online or in my journal!

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