Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008


Woke up to the sound of a hot air balloon being inflated.  I never saw it, just the chase vehicle setting off from the rugby club to pick it up when it landed.

Apparently we had an amazing thunder and rain storm in the night.  Slept through the lot - oops! - though I did realise how damp it was underfoot going for my early walk.  In the reserve were hundreds of newly made spider webs, all jewelled, and the wet was slowly steaming up off the reeds making everything slightly misty.  Very autumnal.  I think you can probably see it in this shot.

Mumma roe was out with her two teens.  The latter were pretty invisible.  She, though, was very close to the board walk and let me go right up to her, just lifting her nose and pushing it towards me - perhaps to check who I was?  Or whether I'd showered of course ;))  I've always had an idea that to get close to female deer it helps if you're not only quiet but female.  Fellow feeling perhaps.

Apart from that, a fun walk with Hazel and a quick dash to the chemist who'd mixed up my prescription.

And Ms Liz as PM.  Well, we'll see, though I'm not optimistic..

Happy Monday night, Tuesday morning  ;))

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