A Celebration of the Summer Harvest!

When we visited my parents on Friday afternoon, we dashed away with some of the fruits of their harvest. I tucked 17 beautiful red tomatoes (some of them HUGE) into a pretty butterfly bucket, along with 7 ears of sweet corn and a bouquet of gorgeous orange Mexican sunflowers (Tithonia) in a plastic cup.

We have been eating the tomatoes every day, simply sliced, with a bit of salt and pepper, and they are just delicious, for Lee-maters are the best in the land. I decided I wanted a picture of all of that red gorgeousness, and so T. Tiger, the vegetable wrangler, took the vegetables in hand (or perhaps . . . in paw).

So here is a celebration of the summer harvest. It features just 5 of the tomatoes, none of the corn, and one single bloom of the Mexican sunflowers that the bees and birds and butterflies love so much. I thought about it and realized that these fruits and blooms are manifestations of the summer sunshine.

T. Tiger got a quartet of friends - plus the Crittergators! - to help him celebrate, so our soundtrack song is a barbershop quartet type gig, sung only by the very best. Here is a hat-tip to my dad for the summer bounty. And here are the Statler Brothers, singing Do You Know You Are My Sunshine.

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