The Butterfly House Blessing/Keep the Faith

We were getting ready to go into town for some errands, and when I went out to get in the car, my husband gestured to the roof of our house. "There is a monarch butterfly sitting on our roof," he said. I looked up. Indeed there WAS a butterfly sitting on our roof!

I have been so sad about our milkweed patch. We had our best milkweed patch EVER this year, with many healthy plants . . . and while I saw at least TWO monarch females laying eggs in it, I only ever spotted two stripey caterpillars.

I guess the message of this butterfly is one of hope. "I'm still here," said the butterfly. "Keep the faith! We'll try to send MORE butterflies to you next year!"

The soundtrack song is this one: Bon Jovi, with Keep the Faith.

P.S. In chatting with my husband later, he has suggested to me that this butterfly looks BRAND NEW!!! He said - LOOK at those fresh wings! This one's a newborn! He thinks that we have birthed this fresh, gorgeous monarch in our own butterfly patch! In that case, it is a member of the Methuselah generation, getting ready to make the long trek to the mountains of Mexico! Farewell, farewell; fly strong and far, little one!
<3 <3 <3

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