By Arachne

This is clever:

a job ad that simply by its design weeds out almost all those who don't have the skills for the job.

It reminded me of something much less clever that I did just after I started my teacher training year. I thought it would be fun to meet each other across disciplines so I made and posted around college a flyer inviting everyone to the pub one evening. I made it as a light-hearted flow-chart, starting at the top with questions like 'Are you a student?', 'Are you thirsty?', each question with a Yes/No answer leading on to another fairly frivolous question. And so on. Whatever route you took through the flow-chart it ended up at the invitation, place, date and time at the bottom. No avoiding it.

When the evening came, I was puzzled to see not one person from my department but lots of people I hadn't met. It turned out that only the mathematicians, scientists and programmers had read to the bottom. My fellow humanities/arts students had taken one look at the flyer and decided it wasn't something that concerned them.

It was an extremely useful lesson for my naive young self in thinking about the best ways to reach different audiences, and it has stood me in good stead in both including and excluding certain cohorts when I've wanted to.

I chose my thumbnail for this using the same principles!

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