Every Little Step

By moonfairy

Looking For Stones.....

..... to throw in the water.

Today started with a bang, well a thunderstorm.

At 4 a.m. I heard Neo crying, so got up to let him in.  Gave him some food and went back to bed.

About half an hour later, the storm started.  He must've known.

There was a lot of heavy rain, a couple of rumbles of thunder and a flash of lightning.

Then a little body snuggled up to mine and went to sleep.  And so, did I.

Last day of term, for two weeks.

Both the girls had a good day at school.

Mia watched a movie about a red dragon (probably Zog) and ate cupcakes.

But the highlight of her day was when the teacher gave them all a pencil each.  You'd have thought she'd been given a pot of gold.

It's lovely when they delight in the little things.

Isabella's school had laid on a whole day of activities.  With an obstacle course, dancing and singing.  Painting, making lots of different craft.  Bubbles, chalk drawing, paper chains and lots more.

And a petting zoo!

They had a wonderful day.

('Mia why is your bag all wet.  Has your drink bottle leaked?'

'No, it's that stuff you get on the side of bottles.'


'Yes, that's it, condensation.')

She's growing up way too fast.

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