Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008


Just not a good day, though I have finally had the hot tap in the bathroom fixed and, with a ridiculous amount of effort, prised anti-biotics out of the surgery/chemist but have ended up totally exhausted.  However, the compensation was that while the chemist was closed for lunch I got to the butterfly reserve and, with the help of a kind warden, have discovered where the clouded yellows hang out.  I must have seen ten of them.

Yes, I did try to get a shot, but failed through lack of time.  Tomorrow is looking warm and reasonably sunny so I intend to take lunch up there and give myself two or three of the hours I didn't have today.  Meanwhile my compensation is this rather sweet sheep and, in extras, a small copper butterfly (and goodness, they are small).  The last isn't a shot I'm particularly proud of, but it is the first time I've blipped - or even seen - one, so I wanted it in my journaI.

I'm afraid, if you'll forgive me, I won't be commenting tonight, but I will be looking at your blips and sprinkling hearts and stars..

Hope your day's been  good one  xx

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