Nicky and her Nikon

By NickyR

Oxshott Heath

When I woke up this morning my tooth did feel a bit painful, but nothing too serious. My usual dentist is away at the moment (think he is finishing off another Masters) and so the dental work yesterday was carried out by someone new in his practice. As she looked rather young one cannot help but wonder if she has the experience necessary to do what was done to my tooth yesterday, but of course she does, and in fact I would say she is the best dentist I have ever had. Extremely professional and competent. Today she even phoned to check that I was feeling okay.

I had another weekly ladies golf clinic today, and today we worked on pitching, using the pitching wedge and the sand wedge in the bunkers. I felt quite pleased with my progress today, I suppose I have realised that I need to ensure my short game is good as I will never be able to hit the distance that males can, so my short game needs to make up for my less proficient drives. It got so hot when we were playing, it certainly warmed up quite quickly today. My muscles are not used to swinging a club so my right forearm was feeling a bit tender afterwards, especially after trying to hit the ball out of the bunker when you hit the heavier sand first.

I need to sort out images for my camera club competitions coming up, I feel like I don't have very good material for the start of this season. A lovely family holiday over the summer does not mean good photos, so I need to think about trying to get some competition worthy photos.

This was taken on my dog walk this morning, the erosion of that bank shows how much clay is in the soil in this area.

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