By Veronica

Turn turn turn

Actually, they mostly weren't -- it was a completely windless day. But oddly as is often the case, one of them was despite the absence of a breeze. I saw a conspiracy theory on Twitter the other day claiming they are fitted with motors to convince people of their usefulness even when there isn't enough wind.

Given the number of turbines there are round here, I'm surprised I've never blipped them before. They have spread everywhere, like mushrooms, and at night every horizon has its blinking lights. This is one of a large group uncomfortably close to the autoroute.

I was in Luc sur Orbieu to get a Covid booster jab -- I thought I better had as cases are going up since children went back to school, and it's over five months since I had Covid.  I forgot to take a paracetamol beforehand, and felt a bit wobbly when I got back, but now I've taken one and so far so good.

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