A day in the life

By Shelling


The stream is called "Mörrumsån"and runs into the southern Baltic sea. An 'å' is a creek in English, wider than a brook but smaller than a river. 'Mörrum' is the name of the creek and of the place that gave its name. 
A 'creek' is only one letter in Swedish but it's importance is huge. In the old days, as a waterway, used for trading and travels. Powerful because whoever controlled it, also controlled who used it. Along the creek people have lived since the Swedish stone-age, dating from 8000 to 1800 BC. This bridge replaced an earlier one of wood and was built two- hundred years ago. Before the wooden one there was only  ford here. The bridge is one of the best kept stone bridges in the southern part of the country and also the longest, with eight arches. In the middle of it people have always caught eels, and still do.

This was one of our rest-places on the long drive back home from our performance last night.   

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