A day in the life

By Shelling


My day has been slow and without excessive energy. I blame it somewhat on yesterdays vaccine, my fifth covid shot. Usually I haven't had any remaining symptoms but this time I felt like I had a small infection and I was more tired than usual. That all lifted off during the day and now I feel normally perky, I had a student during the afternoon which made me a little more lively.
Despite feeling low, I cut the grass for the last time this season. I didn't think it needed cutting anymore after the summer drought but the last two weeks of damp weather plus the morning dew has made the grass grow like mad. The cows that are still around enjoy life at the moment, there's no shortage of fresh grass to eat.

I was given bulbs of a "Galtonia", a species of Hyacinth from SouthAfrica, from a friend during the spring, planted them in good soil and nurtured them carefully with water and fertilisation. In early August it had shot five flower-stems but I didn't get any flowers, instead they all quickly became brown and died away. Of disappointment I almost emptied the urn they were planted in but then, suddenly, in the beginning of September, five new flower-stems shot up, I didn't think they would make it because of the weather getting chillier but a couple of days ago the first flowers has come out. If they all bloom it will be quite spectacular. 

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