A day in the life

By Shelling


The Jeansson family had a huge impact on the city of Kalmars industrial, financial and political development during the early 19 hundreds. They periodically employed 80% of the citys working population. They owned several houses around Kalmar, among the summer house by Kalmar sound, facing Öland, was one of them. In 1920 they hosted a party for the english navy in 1920 when they visited Kalmar.

As you can understand, books can be written, and has been written about the family, based on my few lines above. A play about the naval visit has also been written, and performed this very evening as a dress rehearsal, for some special guests, of which I was one. All of us has one way or another taken part in the making of the play. My part was to record and edit the music performed during the songs in the final act of the play, where you see the trio singing and dancing to some Swedish schlager-tunes from the time.

The play was only a part of the evening, first we had a welcoming drink in a room by the entrance, when we were introduced to the actors and the plot, then half the audience were transported to the kitchen where we met the house keeper who were preparing the food for the evening, then transported to the library where we had a "hors d'oeuvre" sandwich when listening to the consul preparing the speech to the english admiral, then we had the starter in the dining room where the play continued. The main course was served during the conclusion of the plot and, lastly we had coffee and desert during the songs and happy ending of the play. It all lasted three hours and was hugely entertaining, paired with some excellent food and drink. This dress rehearsal group enjoyed it all for free, as a thank you for our help, but the "real" audience will have to pay £75 for a ticket.

Much more can be said about the event but I won't. I enjoyed the evening very much and felt appreciated in good company.

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