By dunkyc


When will I learn that I love white bread and all its derivatives far more than it will ever love me and my inability to digest it?

I’m 44 now and still waiting for the penny to drop, so please don’t waste your money laying any bets. I was not feeling too good this morning, so we had a lazy start to the day laying in bed whilst watching Four in a Bed (don’t get excited, it was just the Channel 4 B&B swapping TV show).

Eventually some head-clearing fresh air was needed, so we set off on a walk up the prom into Morecambe enjoying a very nice conversation and feeling pretty happy with our little lot. We then headed out on the stone pier where we encountered the curious fellow pictured. The base of the traffic cone was painted white, so I queried with LadyV as to whether or not the cone was meant to be there, but was reliably informed that it was not. It’s a shame, as whoever had put it there had managed to achieve a very jaunty angle.

We picked up some supplies from Morrisons and with me really not feeling too good at all, we made our way back along an increasingly cold and wet prom. I said my goodbyes to LadyV and headed home where I have spent the remainder of the day laid out on the sofa trying to eat some healthier food and trying to watch the Snyder cut of Justice League, but it appears to have been the cut where all the fun of a superhero movie has been surgically removed.

Instead I turned my attention to the excellent second series of Only Murders in the Building (Disney+) and having finished my day catching up with my blips as the rain patters against the skylight, which is much nicer than it sounds.

Great weekend and hope you have too.

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