Arizona Dreamin’

By laurie54

Amphitheater Bridge

I love taking photos of this bridge. It leads to an amphitheater where the Friends of Madera Canyon put on productions and lectures. It also leads to a really nice trail. It's usually referred to as the Madera Creek trail or the nature trail. This is a new angle for me.

It was my last morning of my stay in the mountains so I was up early. Check out is 11 am. I arrived here not too much past sunrise so I could catch some warm colors. I always hate to leave. But this time, I was feeling a bit under the weather (I wrote about that around the 20th).

Why do trolls no longer live under bridges, but instead live above them?
They get a better signal.

How do you cross a troll bridge in Middle Earth?
You use J.R.R. tokens.

Italked a girl out of jumping off a bridge yesterday. I spent 3.5 hours talking her out of it quietly and calmly.
She seemed pretty grateful afterwards but the guy running the bungie jump looked very angry.

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