a lifetime burning

By Sheol

Give us yer chips

It's not the most exciting of subjects, but my mobility is a bit limited at the moment and I liked the light on the bird against the threatening sky.

Our next door neighbour has historically thrown out the breakfast scraps for the birds.  In practice this has meant that the local gull population taking up residence on the nearby roofs in readiness. In the colder months there are also some local gangster crows that will join in the fight for the scraps.  

Until recently the herring gull has been trailed by a whinging youngster who has perched with it while consistently nagging for food; which the adult has steadfastly ignored.

While the neighbour seems to have now stopped putting out scraps, the local gulls still live in hope and visit the roof regularly.  This herring gull decided it didn't like the look of the camera and lens and obliging took flight when it saw me.  You can tell that it is a herring gull from the pink legs. It is now starting to show the patches of darker feathers around its head that signify its winter plumage. 

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