New Adventures

By P1nkdragen

Red Hill

These short work weeks end up being pretty busy!  Tomorrow is the Macmillan coffee morning so once home I got to baking a rhubarb cake as a contribution.  Unfortunatley I've not done enough baking in the oven and it came out a bit overcooked so will just be eaten at home instead of being taken to work.  I can still contribute by donating money and eating the cake of others so all is well! 

P needed picking up from the train after college tonight.  I recently signed us up to council gym membership which is a bargain at £45 a month for both of us and gives us access to all the swimming pools, gyms, fitness classes and 'health suites' in the county.  In recent years I've discovered that I actually quite like sitting in a sauna and a steam room and think I might end up spending half the winter in them.  So tonight, I had a quick nip to the swimming pool and sat around getting hot for a little while before picking him up.

The sunset was pretty magnificient and I noticed the hill out the window turning a bright red, so it was a quick blip whilst it lasted.

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