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The Songman

Bob Fox has been on the folk scene for many years. He hails from Seaham Harbour, near Sunderland and is known for singing songs about the north east, especially about the miners.

Later in life, he took on the role of The Songman in Michael Morpurgo's Warhorse.  I saw this on stage in London a long time ago and I don't know if Bob was on stage then. I remember how moved I was and how I nearly ran out of paper hankies to staunch my tears at the end!

Tonight, Bob was in Humshaugh Village Hall. Amazing that he should have come to us for a wonderful evening of song.

Liz kept a seat for me and we shared a bottle of wine (thank you Liz). I left soon after the second half began, because it was going to be a late finish.

This morning I scrambled to do all I wanted to. People keep phoning or arriving. Today it was the district nurse to do the dressings and phone calls to say that the aid to help Mum transferring can't be delivered until Monday. 

Eventually, I put together a recipe for lemon biscuits. When they were mixed the dough had to go in the fridge for four hours or preferably overnight. These were for this afternoon, when Angela and Ellen, from Sunderland, came to visit Mum.

I also made cinnamon biscuits. Both sorts turned out well, but there was no hint of cinnamon to be tasted. I'll use more next time.

For my blip I chose an image of Bob that includes a lot of negative space. I cropped it down but I like it uncropped. The extra, is more of Bob.

We were asked not to take lots of photos in case we disturbed others. I had my camera on silent and took one set of images. The man next to me had no idea I had taken any, so I felt I had complied with the rules!!

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