More Blossom

Today was less good that yesterday. I ended up doing all sorts of trivial bitty things and not my own stuff. It's all very frustrating, even if it's stuff that should be done by someone.

One the way home is was nice and warm, without to much wind. I was able to get a few pictures, which is where today's blip came from. It's a bunch of blossom on a tree that I walk past on my way to/from work.

Long aside: After arriving home I went over to see a friend and have a look at his computer. It was running slow when I saw it last but today it was running like treacle on a cold day. I decided there was no hope but to remove the anti-virus software which seems to use up even more CPU and RAM than even Windows manages on it's own! I also ripped out lots of older software that he doesn't use, defragged it and put some simple free and open-source alternatives in place. After a few reboots it was working much better and was running quite quickly (for Windows)...

This weekend a momentous event may happen in the open-source calendar. Debian are planned to release Debian GNU/Linux 7.0 (aka Wheezy) and in preparation I've been working on a few computers upgrading them to the new version (even though it's not 100% released yet, it's close enough for me). Working on Linux is so much easier than Windows that I'm glad I don't have much to do with Windows any more.

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