By Incredibish

It's beginning to look a lot like...

I know, I know, two days in a row, but what are you going to do? It's almost as bad as bees on flowers... They fill the frame - it's a bit of a squash.

At least I've saved you from another shot of us out cycling... we just did a little recovery ride this morning - nine miles in just under the hour. Then it was out in the garden.

Our back garden neighbours returned from holiday, and were happy (nay, eager even) to move their parked car from where I was cutting limbs off an unruly leylandi over their drive. As it happens, I didn't drop anything significant onto their side...

And that was me, done for the day. I sometimes forget I'm not twenty any more. Happy to see the Green Party has consolidated its position on Europe quite sensibly - to aim for closer integration with the EU and to rejoin when that becomes a practical possibility.

I shall still have to vote tactically at the next elections, which probably means lib-Dem. At least the way things are going, that won't be too long into the future. I reckon KamiKwasi is being set up for a sacking to take the heat off Thick Lizzy...

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