Sticky fingers

Harvested a bowl full of rose hips and had to de-seed them this afternoon to make some rose hip compote. It's a very sticky job ! See the resulting heap of seeds in the extra. Unfortunately all that work stopped me from actually commenting on the Abstract Thursday entries, but I did manage giving a star for all of them.

Thanks so much for all those entries, most of them on the optional theme of 'filters'. This coming Thursday is the first Thursday in October, and as usual there's no theme then. The tag will be AT380.

Here's the list of last week's 5 special entries:
carolinav                          bubbling water
wildwood                         faffed quilt
Freuchie                           green rust
frani                                  filters :-)
Lesmark                           bougainvillea on olive oil

Thanks very much for the kind comments and stars for yesterday's EB Disney dwarf in the garage.

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