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I do wonder if I should sell my electric guitar, I very rarely play it these days and had to get it out of the case to get this 'musical' Mono Monday image.

Time spent on composing and taking image - 1 minute
Time spent dusting guitar beforehand - 10 minutes
Time spent removing dust spots in post processing - another 10 minutes, and I have probably missed a few.

If I sold my Epiphone I could probably buy a new lens with the proceeds, but not the one I was looking at yesterday. Overnight the price on Amazon went up by £70, making it not such an attractive proposition.

We've had a Skype with daughter#2 this afternoon as it is a bank holiday in Germany. She and her fiancé have both had a bad dose of a Covid like virus, similar symptoms but negative tests all the way through.

Camera club this evening, a talk on 'Shooting People'. Should be interesting!

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