My day

By 59

Tiny Tuesday

I’m not sure if there is a theme this week so will post a blip of my seedlings that I planted the other day. I have made pots from newspaper and added seedling mix. I planted 2 or three seeds in each. They are white cosmos. 

The family went to South Australia this morning. Luna is TERRIBLE in the garden. She tears around and jumps around and has knocked off many buds and trampled the new lily and peony shoots just out of the soil. She likes digging. She likes getting very wet and muddy. I filled a bucket with weeds yesterday which she scattered around the garden. Grr. 

The cat has hidden in the front garden. Hope she returns. 

I spent the day washing linen from the 5 beds and sorting out the blankets and pillows. I’ve also done some reading, a new Richard Osman book which is very funny. I’m half way through it already. 

The extra is a large lizard. Blue tongue I think. 

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