I realised that if we wanted to eat today, I needed to go out shopping this morning, but before we went, I wandered around the garden looking for a pink flower and wasn’t disappointed.  This beautiful Dahlia, grown by Mr. HCB, was just asking to be photographed, and looked good with the dewdrops on it.

We then went off to Aldi at Royal Wootton Bassett, and Mr. HCB actually agreed to come with me - something he is not keen on, but he realised that we needed a to fill the fridge and cupboards and I was grateful he was there, because I did buy rather a lot.

Whilst wandering around, and fortunately, it wasn’t that busy, we met a couple who chatted for a while, and the lady told me that she had been receiving chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer but that after her first treatment she had had a heart attack.  She told us that her husband was now the chef, so we chatted with him - and there was laughter too.  It is so humbling to be able to speak to people about the things they are going through and I left them feeling sad because the lady had said something about hoping she was still here at Christmas, but also privileged to think she had shared her situation with us.  

And isn’t that what life is all about - sharing good news and not so good news with friends and also those we meet each day - I hope that by chatting to us, they both felt better and I know it made both Mr. HCB and I very grateful that we are fit and well.

Please continue to click on this LINK so that those who cannot afford to pay for a mammogram may have a free one.  Thank you. 

“You can choose how you handle this scary situation, 
     even if you didn’t choose to have it thrust on you.”
Melanie Young 

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