A day in the life

By Shelling

Outside in

I managed to finish my editing of one of David Kettlewells productions or, a production where he participated as a professional musician. However, the production was not  allowed to be used publicly, something he found out after the recordings. I will share one of the tunes he was leading from the Celtic Harp, one of his many instruments. It's a song (instrumental) from a collection of dance tunes from the seventeen hundreds in Växjö in Sweden, a Saraband, here with two violins, cello and harp, composed by Hans Hake, working in Sweden towards the end of the sixteen-hundreds. Hope you like it. David was most of his career making  music with amateurs, which he really loved but certainly he also had a wish to work with other professionals, making records for a wider audience. He often felt like standing on the outside, looking in. This is one of his attempts, I'm glad I can (illegally) share it with you. 

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