Life is a Challenge!

By Honeycombebeach


Hello Lovely Blippers,

Baby Jay here - now I have been with the Silly Saturday Gang for a few weeks and am beginning to get to know the ropes around here, JH Ted kindly said that I could do the write-up today so I am very excited and hope I do a good job.

Mrs. HCB told us when she went foraging in her field the other day that she had seen that one of the big trees had split and a large part of it was lying on the ground.  She thought that she might be able to use it, not only for Silly Saturday - because who climbs trees like this - but also for Derelict Sunday, which is a  bit of a misnomer, because people can do it on whatever day they want to!  I wonder if I will ever get used to the quirky ways of the English!

However, I digress - Mr. HCB said that he would be happy to come over and see the split tree, so off we all went.  Mrs. HCB said that they had obviously cut off some of the branches since she had seen it on Wednesday, but it still looked good enough to climb on.  Some were more adventurous than others, but JH Ted said that he would stay near the bottom so that if anyone fell, he could look after them - he is so kind.  It’s quite silly to see Penny Penguin so far up, because penguins usually just walk along the ice, but she said she wanted to do it, so off she went, clambering on everyone else as she climbed - we think that the lady who started Silly Saturday, who I understand was called Admirer, would have laughed to see Penny so high up in the tree.

Mrs. HCB said she wanted to show in the photograph how lovely her field is looking in the Autumn - but I immediately said that we call it “Fall” - I guess because the leaves fall, but today we could see that a great chunk of the tree had fallen!  If I’m honest, I don’t think the trees look as good as the ones in the United States, but I suppose there is time for them to get more colour - so perhaps we should go over again in a couple weeks to see.  I must say that Donald, who is next to me, was also puzzled by the word “Autumn” because he has always called it “Fall”.  The HCBs think that this tree is a sycamore, but we couldn’t see any of the seed pods that they told me float down like helicopters but perhaps they have already flown away.

Mrs. HCB insisted we took a large pink ribbon with us, which we thought was silly, until she explained why - and she said you would all know the drill - to click on this LINK so that those who cannot afford to pay for a mammogram can have one free.  She said you are all stars for continuing to do this, so please do it again and again - it’s a great cause and you never know who you will help.

I am going to write to all my friends back in the States, and especially Gina, who brought me over and Connie, two special friends of the HCBs to tell them to look at this Blip.  I’m sure they will be very envious.

Take care and have a great weekend - and by the way, it is great to tramp through the leaves and make some noise - guess who did it - Mr. or Mrs. HCB?  Ha ha, I know that’s a hard question, but I’m sure you know who!

Love from
Baby Jay and all the Silly Saturday Gang xxx

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