Staghorn Sumac

The rhus in the garden is more of a tree than a shrub. It sends its suckers out and up at an alarming rate and needs to be kept in check. In autumn, even on a dull day, its leaves glow so warmly.

Double fun today as the seven year old is on her half term break so she and the three year old arrived at 07:00 for breakfast. They set about playing various imaginative games, had their shower /bath according to preference, read stories or played Smelly Wellies, came out for a walk to collect pine cones, paid a visit to the mobile library, played in the garden and did some dancing. That was this morning!

Post lunch they're having a chill out then it'll be either baking or making bird feeders. They arrived with all the ingredients but I feel we might not get round to both. There'll have to be a decision.

As a treat Cameraman is taking the girls home on the train. I'll be doing my second yoga class of the week then we'll both collapse for the evening.

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