Halloween Decoration

The one I can find! Tomorrow I'll ask Brian to go up into the loft and look for the rest of them - he's spent long hours stocktaking over the last couple of days so I won't ask him to go up there today - maybe not even tomorrow! This is the only photo I have taken today.

It was nearly half past nine when I got up, but Brian had kept me awake from 3.30 AM until about 6 AM with snoring, loud breathing, clicking etc. And it was nearly 1 AM when I came home from work, despite it being the quietest Friday I ever worked! A friend of the boss came to borrow some sausages at the end and stood around talking to him, preventing me from getting on with cleaning the floor.

It's been good to have a Saturday free. I was going to make a cake with some apples my Dad gave me but abandoned it when I realised how much rugby there was to watch today. I'll make it in the morning!

I have made a delicious "Chilli Lasagne" for Zeph's and my tea, with tortilla bread instead of lasagne sheets. First time I've cooked for us both for a while due to both our work hours. I'd definitely make it again!

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