Hunter's Moon 3:36 AM

Day off today - Yay!! It started later than intended as I had a disturbed night due to various minor things including one bed-mate sleeping very loudly, and the other (Feline!) sleeping close to my feet leaving me wary of kicking him off the bed. Having people who work unsocial hours and only one bathroom in the house did not help either - nor did cramp in my neck!

During all this I remembered it was the Hunters Moon. It had been visible when I'd returned from work earlier in the evening so at 3 AM I found myself on the street in just my dressing gown watching it play hide and seek among the scudding clouds. I fetched my camera and somehow managed to catch it in a rip in the cloud. 

Anyway, I finally went to sleep after all that and woke up at about 9:30, got ready and went straight off to town to do some shopping. I had more stuff to get for my Mum, a spare pair of cheapo work trousers for me and finally some bits and pieces for my Halloween display! It is coming together nicely. It needs conkers, acorns, red food colouring, a black or pumpkin-shaped dish (for Minstrel's water!) and maybe some flowers to complete it now!

I also popped into Morrisons for peppers and bought some Vegan stuff for Grace as their range is now much better than Tesco's! I now had more stuff than I could carry! Brian was able to nip out in his lunch break and bring me and the shopping back fortunately.

Work last night was not too busy. We had a few prep jobs to do too - Watan did most but I helped where I could. That is me done for the week, and I have the same three nights next week unless anything changes. I worked 6 nights out of the 8 between last Thursday and yesterday so while I am part-time, that felt like being full-time, so I hope next week will not change! 

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