This is not a drill.

Well, actually, it is a drill. Our last OSCE as 2nd year medical students. Set up like the real fake thing in Conshohocken, PA.
Finished my OSCE around 2pm, came back after OMM around 4pm to catch these student doctors. (Thanks for letting me interrupt the seriousness of OSCE time, y'all.)

Hopefully it went well for everyone.. I just have to say I'm thankful that we went on May 1st and not May 15th. Yikes. I've got to have my head down in full on study mode for boards by then.
What a freaking relief that my OSCE is over and done with! I can't even relate how much it stresses me out. Even though I absolutely love talking to patients. It's one of my favorite things -- seems like a good sign.

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