Anne's Daily Encounters

By dutchdelight

Spiros' head!

That I shouted in big surprise 5&half years ago when on the search for a chapel with icons... Sweetheart and our friend Ingemay ( we lost her 4 years ago to cancer) thought I 'd seen Phantoms, but I stood in front of this head.
It's the marble head / Tomb statue made by my belated BIL Spiros. I remember he'd made it for the parents who'd lost their son in traffic accident and Spiros had brought this head to the cemetery in August 1999 just in time there before the service of memory of the dead.
Spiros'had asked me to hand him my son ( the hiking one, who likes icecream, as I showed in September) Spiros wanted him as company for his son... cousins of same age to be together... He'd set out at 06.00 o' Clock with my son to collect his son at Souda harbour from the ferry boat from Athens and then with a snack for the teenage boys on to the road, what was the old road then onto the Selino region in SW Crete up in to the hills... Then a 3hours drive. Now half that time when speeding up on the main road.

Ever since 2017 when getting to Paleochora and Sklavopoula I'd tried to locate the cemetery and only today we managed with the direction of 2 locals.. The hamlet is called Chasi and the road up there narrow! curvy! and steep up and down. I'm so happy we got here at last!

We also got to see the sweet couple of Mr. Yannis and his wife Georgia. I took some pix with my camera and will post them when back in Holland 

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