Day at a Time

By Tweedy

Sometimes I am Furious

I was going to go for a wander and look for a lovely autumnal blip, or something for the monochrome challenge today. However, when I was getting some books out for my grandson's imminent arrival this one seemed to sum up my current feelings.

I can't even write about the psychodrama of political gaslighting without boiling over. So I won't. The trick is to put those feelings to some positive use. As the book notes, "Sometimes I am furious! But afterwards I'm sad." Strong feelings are OK but not if they overwhelm and immobilise you. So with thanks to Berger and Knapman here's today's blip. And I'm still going out for a soothing wander.

Thanks for the good wishes yesterday. I had another negative covid test today so I'm sure this is only a cold. It's what we used to expect in autumn before we became hypervigilant about every little sniffle.

Busy day ahead. Hope yours is a good one.

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