Tiny Tuesday

This is my silvery ground cover covered in tiny white flowers. I forget what it is called but it is quite common. 

I decided to stop reading the Di Morrissey book. Just didn’t get me excited after a week of trying and I only read about 18 pages. So I decided to walk up to the shops and buy 2 more by Richard Osman and another by Joanna Nell which are more to my taste. In the mean time I have been rereading the CSIRO Nutrition and Exercise Plan and gone on the online 12 week course. So far I’m loving it. It is a completely different approach to eating, plenty of high protein and low GI foods following the Australian Dietary Guidelines. I did well on the Fast 800 diet but found it hard to keep the weight off by continually restricting carbs. This one also has an exercise program which I have been doing including some yoga today. Blimey that was a mix of way too hard and bliss. 

After shopping I went into a clothing shop and happened to buy some tops and trousers for summer. 

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