One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye


Ok, maybe not icons just yet but blipfoto stalwarts at the very least. Tonight I met with two pillars of the blipfoto community (Bray cell) and the Harbour Bar felt like a cocoon in the storm (got soaked both ways). 

There was much chatting in a place with no TVs, just soft ukulele music in the background (ok soft-ish. It took the group 17 attempts to master the piece that they were learning this evening. The rest, their best of, went a lot more smoothly). 

Many topics were tackled in a relatively short time. Randomly we discussed film studies (and the ruthlessness of a marking scheme ruled with an iron fist by the overlords across the Irish Sea), the steadiness of surgeons' hands, badminton and its effect on the glutus maximum for those who only play occasionally, the number of times Maeve-don't-blip-me has appeared on blipfoto without knowing, the reason why TP did not marry the jury that did not vote his short film beyond the top ten, the abhorred one-star-rater of yesteryears, the reliability of German engineering - especially applied to pumps, BS's search for his mojo (the poor thing ran away a long time ago), my trip to the Netherlands to buy heart lung machines and Bob Dylan and his distinct lack of knowledge of what is on his set list (not even him can recognise what he is singing). 

Thank you Jeano and BS, your company is well worth braving a storm.  

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