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By Diane2104

Grey Heron #93

I woke up earlier than normal due to the clocks going back, so went to Spike Island for an hour or so to see what was around. Answer: not much. 
I've not been to Spike for ages on account of the lack of water in the canal and the general state of the place.  The unofficial feeding station that was good for watching the little birds, seems to have been "dismantled" - all the logs that were good for perching birds have gone and the few feeders that used to be there and filled by the locals have also disappeared. I used to see a few people I had got to know around, but today there was no-one - another sign that things have not been going too well. Such a shame.

In the lock, there were lots of black-headed gulls, about 15 mute swans, where there used to be nearly 100, tons of feral pigeons and one grey heron sitting on the platform in the middle. 

A disappointing visit, but as it's so close, I dare say I'll be back for an easy blip pretty soon.

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