Arizona Dreamin’

By laurie54


Not the best shot in the world but it was at night. I was on my way to pick something up at the store. As I reached for the garage door I was startled by something I wasn’t expecting: a weird blob of a shadow. If I’m honest, the words that passed through these lips should not be repeated. I finally realized it was a grasshopper. I never see grasshoppers. I’m grasshopper ignorant so my first question would be ‘aren’t grasshoppers supposed to be around grass?’  There’s not a blade of grass within miles. So, that’s my question today. Must grasshoppers live within spittin’ distance of grass?

I like typing the word grasshopper. Don’t stare at the word too long. It could make you grasshoppin’ loopy.
Grasshopper, grasshopper, grasshopper!

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