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By BikerBear

Just ..............

 ................ some red peppercorns from the food cupboard - with a few black ones thrown in - they look like cannonballs next to the red ones!!!   Yet another flat lay photo.

Redder and blacker with a few white infiltrators ...

If I let my (wild) imagination run loose (I do that often) - on large, I can see:  a panda head, a sad bear face, a bird's head, a squashed, carved halloween pumpkin, a tortoise face and a 'stoned' peppercorn (the thumbnail selection).   :o)) 
Did I say I had a wild imagination??

The dentist visit was completed, a repaired tooth and a general look-see with a bit of a clean - my bank account is now lighter to the tune of £120.00 (US$140.00).   
Inoculations also done (not at the dentist obviously) - both arms now feel a little stiff and achy but very much bearable - not as bad (yet) as the first Covid jibjab!!!

That was my day.

~ Anni ~

This is Wednesday uploaded early on a very wet, rainy and dull Thursday morning  -  we've got to drive to Hull hospital for Himself to have some nerve tests this morning - 200 mile round trip!!  
What jolly fun for him - not!

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