Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco


We have an abundance of gray squirrels right now and each one looks bigger than the next.  Honestly, its a wonder they can run!  At one point, 6 of them were on the patio, a situation that was displeasing in the extreme to Jax who was contained on the deck.  I chased them off, but they were back again only a few minutes later, little rascals.  

It's another gorgeous day - warm and breezy.  The last of the leaves are flying off the trees, at times looking like a blizzard.  It was a perfect day for a walk on the Lane with Jax.  Lots of things for him to sniff and also a visit with the FedEx guy who had a nice big dog biscuit for him.  Jax recognizes the truck now, of course, and goes right up inside to greet the driver (and cadge a treat).  

Yesterday a birder I know emailed me to ask if he could come over and look for the siskins that were around (he had seen my ebird report from the morning).  He and I stood outside for about an hour, with nary a siskin to be seen.  However, we did see tons of other birds, including the first Hermit Thrush I've seen in several years, several golden-crowned kinglets and a young sapsucker.  And I hadn't seen the birder in several years so it was fun to catch up. I'm keeping an eye out for the siskins again today and told him I'd text him if they show.  

SIL is coming over for dinner tonight - her birthday is tomorrow so this is a combined celebration for both she and hubs (whose birthday was this past Tuesday).  Salmon on the menu and SIL is bringing something for desert.  

Haven't made the dark decision yet today but I'm leaning towards blood orange...


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