Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

The final photo

This is a bit of a cheat shot because I snapped this image of my computer screen. This is the very last image I took in Colombia and represents the end of Phase I of editing. I spent the entire afternoon going through the final 4 days worth of images. My process is that I get rid of anything that is blurry or otherwise unacceptable. Where I’ve fired multiple bursts, I try to delete all but 2 or 3 frames. Slow and tedious but now I’ve got a more manageable number of images to fine-tune and tag.

This beautiful creature is an Andean Motmot who was perched in front of us in the rain as the light quickly left us. A wonderful final shot.

Jax is doing very well. We have, so far, not had an accident all day. Partly because we are getting better at knowing when to take him out. On one of his walks this morning, we visited our neighbors across the Lane - he is such a friendly pup and everyone loves him. He’s also decided that he’s a lap dog and that he prefers Hubs’ lap best. Take a look in Extra for a good laugh.

Dark with tart raspberries and almonds today.


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