Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Those Ears!

Couldn’t resist this one - those ears! I snapped this with my phone when we were out for a walk just now. When he is extra curious, his left ear stands up a bit which I think is ridiculously cute, so I had to make this my blip today. Not-so-secretly, I am hoping his ear-to-head ratio stays the same because … those ears!

We got through the entire day yesterday without a single accident. Then this morning he ran into the dining room and piddled. Clearly, none of us has the hang of this just yet. We will get there.

Hubs is working on the race car today so I have puppy-duty. We had lots and lots of play time and walks this morning and now he is laying next to me snoring.

Tonight SIL is coming over - it’s her birthday so we are having dinner here. And she’s eager to meet Jax so that will be fun.

Haven’t made the chocolate decision yet today but probably something with fruit.

Here’s to a good weekend!


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